Monday, October 02, 2006

I figured since I didn't have any pictures up I would add some. These are kind of old. from early in the summer but who cares. First up is Tyler getting some sun. He doesn't like to swim very much, but he loves to lay out!! That explains the amazing tan!

Here is the baby Brandon eating his first piece of watermelon. Don't you want to just squeeze those cheeks!!
Here is Samuel, my little patience-builder!! This was his first day of preschool. He's so excited!!
Here is my little man, Jacob, on his first day of first grade!! I still can't believe my baby is in first grade already, I remember when he fit perfectly in the crook of my arm. AWE.... I'm ok now
And last but certainly not least, here is Marcus. His first ride on a 2-wheeler. We learn how in the backyard because grass is definately more forgiving than cement, and for that Marcus is thankful. Alot of falls preceeded this victorious picture.

So there are my boys. They make me laugh and cry, sometimes all at the same time, but I couldn't imagine life with out them.


Mr. or Mrs. Smith said...

Love the pictures! I don't know how you do it with all those boys. I think God knows what we can handle;-)

Kathy Swart said...

I take my hat off to you Candi!

It is nice to see the boys. I can't believe that they are in school, wow time has flowen by.

Bipin Sen said...

ahem.. i think you need to relabel my blog title as the second most awesome blog ever.. hehe... :-)

Michelle said...

great job blogging candi, you are learning well.

candi said...

from the master, Queen Michelle