Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Can you believe it?

Really can you? I am posting again. It has been so long, I don't even know where to begin. I had all but given up on my blog when a trip to Houlihan's and a few mini martini's convinced me to give it another go. I really don't want to neglect my blog. I used to really enjoy blogging. But along came Facebook..... Its not my fault really. It has games. Scrabble, boggle, texas hold em' poker. It is just begging for me to waste large amounts of time on it. But for now, for this moment, I will resist the pull of facebook, and give my time to my first love.

With so many stories to tell, 4 months is a long time, I will just give you one I have been waiting to share. In January, I sent my boys out on the trampoline to get out some energy. Every one sends their kids outside at 8am in January right? Good, that is what I thought. So anyhow, Jacob and Tyler were out on the trampoline having a good ol' time. As I busied my self around the house (read played poker), I looked out the window to see them playing "lightsabers." Now I have always found these weapon-like toys not a real good idea in a house with 4 boys, so we have NO real lightsabers. But as expected with boys, where there is a will there is a way. They can defend the world with their potato chip gun and defeat the greatest of all enemies with a pencil. So not owning lightsabers has never stopped a jedi master from training his padawan. There they play with a wiffle ball bat and two vacuum attachment poles stuck together. Quite resourceful, if I do say so myself. Now the vacuum attachment thingys have been in the back yard all winter. They are from an old vacuum that we no longer have and they became toys last summer. So at this point, said vacuum attachments are frozen together. Gives the Jedi Master a bit of a false sense of security and he starts really showing off for is loyal padawan. Well, as you can expect, all the friction of play caused these attachments to become unattached. Not too good for young padawan. He runs in the house screaming and here is what I see.

If you look closely, you can see the imprint of the end of the attachment. An almost perfect circle from the lip to the chin. I looked at this for a bit and determined that we would now be on our way for our first stitches ever. How we made it this far without stitches amazes me! But our perfect record was now broken! Poor Tyler. His lip swelled up to the size of a golf ball, actually he looked quite funny. I had to restrain my laughter a few times to protect is precious spirit. So I grabbed the camera, like any good mommy blogger would do, and headed off to the hospital. Much to the chagrin of the 22 year old doctor, I only had one hand to help hold Tyler down. My other hand was busy taking pictures. But honestly he can just get over it. After cleaning it and giving him the anesthesia, he left us for hours. By the time he came back and stuck in the needle to begin the stitches, Tyler flew off the bed. He left us for too long. The anesthesia had worn off. The first time they gave it to him, he didn't know what to expect so he did alright. Second time, not so much. He freaked out, jumped off the bed and wrapped his arms and legs around me and my chair. It took 5 of us to get him back in the bed. Well 4.5 remember I am still taking pictures. It just keeps getting better!! So anyhow here are some shots of the hospital for your viewing pleasure:

My poor baby!!!

And this is the finished product! 6 stitches to bottom lip!

Not too bad for the kid doctor! This happened the day before his 8th birthday. So for his party he had this giant lip with string in it. On Sunday morning, a week later, I took some tweezers and took these suckers out myself. No chance I am paying a copay for that. If I had the anesthesia, I would have put them in myself as well!!

Well that is it for today. Hopefully I will be back before my kids are grown and out of the house. I hope you have enjoyed this story. If you miss me, you can probably find me on facebook. Most likely playing games!