Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just a bunch of stuff

Now that the comment situation is remedied I can quit obsessing about it and get on with life. Things have been CRAZY busy around here. On Saturday a group of people from church came over to help us with jobs around the house. I am so blessed to be a part of such an awesome church!! We painted our living room, dining room, hallway upstairs, hallway downstairs, foyer, the whole lower level, kitchen, and boy's room closets. In addition to all of that painting, windows and blinds got cleaned, gutters cleaned out, leaves raked, garage organized, and a bunch of electric thingys changed. It was a busy and exhausting day for all, but the results are AMAZING!!!! We have lived here almost 3 years and had never painted anything. The walls were a yucky antique whitish color originally painted about 30 years ago. So it was time. I also must confess, I have never cleaned windows or blinds. I daily clean off the fingerprints, but the whole inside and outside and screens have NEVER been done! What a blessing this was to me!!! I didn't realize but I love clean windows! Probably not enough to try to fit it into my "cleaning" but enough to say the one who did it is my new best friend! So now I am on to the business of putting my house back together. I figure it is time for the Christmas decos to come out anyway, so I will use all of the open space for that purpose.
We are approaching my favorite weekend of the year!! After a giant dinner on Thursday, my kiddos will sleep over at grandma's so Jay and I can wake up before the crack of dawn to SHOP!! We love it! We map out our route on Thursday night and hit the ground running! I should be done Christmas shopping by about 8am on Friday! That is if I can fight off the other crazy moms for that sweet new transformer on sale while nursing a 17 pound baby! This ought to be interesting this year with baby in tow. It has been a few years since I have had to whip out the (lets be pc out there for my male readers) "baby feeding devices" at Kohls at 4:00am while surrounded by 100's of other people. But lets face it, I can currently nurse, take out the garbage, clean up spilled milk, cook dinner, and paint my toe nails all at the same time, so Kohl's should be childs play! Then it is off the buy the family Christmas tree. I dive into full egg nog mode on Friday and continue on it straight through Christmas day. I am a nut about Christmas. I love everything about it. The sights, the smells, the food, the Starbucks choices, the movies, the music, the weather, and most of all the fact that MY SAVIOR came as a baby! I will never get over how amazing that is! I am awestruck every year at the humble way he came into this world. He could have easily descended on a cloud surrounded by trumpets and thunder and lightening, but no, the God of the universe came the same way the rest of us do! Often times I find the things I think are incredible about Jesus are more so what he didn't do. Oh the scene he could have made, deserved to make, but he didn't. Leaves me speechless (something I rarely am)!
So, in closing, welcome back commenting friends. My house is clean, er I mean painted. The kids are good, providing no humorous stories for you but sanity for me! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

OK try this

Although I was absolutely in love with my layout and colors, I decided to change it to something else to see if it help my comment situation. So let me know if this helps, if it doesn't I am going back to pretty.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

So much to blog, so little time

I would love to make this a nice long post but time is not my friend lately. So I will quickly hit a few points.....
1. about an hour after the previous blog entry, Tyler began throwing up!! So much for the underfed or emotional issues diagnoses. Just the plain old repulsive stomach flu!
2. computer issues solved!! Pictures will follow as soon as I learn how to do it. Apparently it is easier to solve to issue of a new computer than it is to resolve the stupidity of the user.
3. Why is it that when I wait 15 minutes for a good parking spot, just so I don't have to walk alone with a baby through a dark parking lot at night, that I forget where I parked and end up spending an extra 15 minutes wondering around said dark parking lot alone with baby trying to find the van that is parked right in front of the exit??????