Saturday, November 03, 2007

So much to blog, so little time

I would love to make this a nice long post but time is not my friend lately. So I will quickly hit a few points.....
1. about an hour after the previous blog entry, Tyler began throwing up!! So much for the underfed or emotional issues diagnoses. Just the plain old repulsive stomach flu!
2. computer issues solved!! Pictures will follow as soon as I learn how to do it. Apparently it is easier to solve to issue of a new computer than it is to resolve the stupidity of the user.
3. Why is it that when I wait 15 minutes for a good parking spot, just so I don't have to walk alone with a baby through a dark parking lot at night, that I forget where I parked and end up spending an extra 15 minutes wondering around said dark parking lot alone with baby trying to find the van that is parked right in front of the exit??????


Michelle said...

1. yeah for the justification of the middle child!!
2. haha... you'll get it
3. that stinks.... glad you eventually found it!

Michelle said...

what in the world is the word missing in this sentence:

"The hilarious_______________ in the life of a testosterone surrounded mom" I can't figure it out.