Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Still here

Hi all! Not much to report as of now, but I thought it might be nice if I stopped in to say hi! I am 37.5 weeks pregnant, hot, large, and a touch on the crabby side. But there is light in my tunnel. Eventually this little moocher will exit my body and rest in a bed of his own!!
Still no name, but we have narrowed it down to a few and most likely we will wait until we see him to finalize it. I have been busy "nesting" this week, cleaning and organizing all that I can. Although with 3 other boys running around here, I never quite feel like I finish. The boys are enjoying their summer so far. We spent 6 days at my parents camper while Jay was in Mexico. That was lots of fun. My parents bought the boys a bonsai water slide that they keep out there. I attempted to go down this thing, but in my current condition that proved to be a BAD idea!! I couldn't heave my enormous leg over the top of the thing and ended up falling off the back. I was fine, but I am sure I looked ridiculous!!
Well, like Bipin says, now it is like waiting for water to boil. Although I never tell my water, " dang you look big!!" Such comforting words for a woman with highly volatile mood swings!! Being pregnant with your fourth is a lot different then the rest. I don't think I want to see how a fifth would be. I am not 25 anymore, I can't take a nap (but so desperately need one), I can't see my toes, and I would love to complete a sentence without having to stop to pee! Come on baby, today is a good day for a birthday!!!!!!