Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Don't eat the big white mint!

Apparently this applies to more in life than just urinals. Yesterday afternoon, my children were enjoying a swim in our pool/over sized bathtub. I could hear them playing and laughing and just plain having a wonderful time. As I watched out my kitchen window, I took a minute to thank God that they get along so well, how they love and protect one another, and what a blessing it is to have brothers. Fast forward 5, only 5, minutes. I ran to the laundry room to switch the loads of laundry when I hear, " MOM, HURRY!!!!!" I bolt up the stairs, breaking a toe on a rescue hero, to find one of my brilliant children puking in the backyard. I rush to his side to find out what the problem is when what to my wondering ears should I hear. The uninvolved brother was quick to report that brilliant child A was dared by brilliant child B to eat the chlorine tablet!!! I paused for only a moment in utter amazement before dashing in the house to grab my cell phone. Thankfully with four boys, poison control is on speed dial in my phone. I call and a much calmer person answered the phone. Child A is still puking and crying that his throat and tongue is on fire. I am borderline hysterical at this point so calm poison control guy is just another blessing. He is happy to hear that I have a yard full of vomit and instructs me to have him wash his mouth out with water. Then have him try drinking some milk. He will call me back in 1 hour to see how he is. Once the vomiting subsided, we all calmed down and after about 10 minutes he was able to drink something. His throat was still burning most of the night, but calm poison control guy told me that would happen, as long as he could swallow he was going to be fine. How wonderful of God to create us with a quick gag reflex. Never actually thought I would find myself so grateful for it, but hey with each new day comes new stupidity. Needless to say, child B BIG TROUBLE, child A probably punished enough by the natural consequences of trying to impress everyone. Good times, good times!!