Sunday, October 08, 2006

A beautiful day

In order to enjoy the beautiful weekend, we took our crew hiking and to the park. This is always a challenge with so many, but it turned out to be a fun day. We hiked through the woods, played at the park, and ate pudding. I believe the pudding was the highlight. These are some random shots from our day. It is always more fun to have daddy around, especially for mommy!!


Bipin Sen said...

what kind of help do you need?

the pictures look cute, but since i can't click on them to make them bigger, it's hard to see.

i see you're using flickr. can you not upload to blogger directly (like i do on mine all the time).

so what suggestion did you end up taking for toilet training? ;-)

candi said...

I was having trouble this time bouncing back and forth between flickr and blogspot. There is no way with my internet explorer to minimize one,to copy and paste on another. Follow me?? Everytime I opened flickr to get the URL, blogspot would close.
I talked with Pam Pals today at church and we are going to try the bootcamp plan. Trouble is I have 5 kids with all differant school schedules, so I cannot stay home even one whole day, so it will have to be a modified boot camp plan.

Bipin Sen said...

nope... don't follow you. you can't open two internet explorers? that should be simple enough (i can't see what your "version" of internet explorer would stop you from clicking on it again to open a new window). otherwise, use firefox ( that's the browser i use and you can open up different 'tabs' (different websites) in the same window. i love it.

candi said...

What is the differance between Firefox and Flock?? Michelle uses Flock, what do you suggest?

candi said...

I fixed it!!!!!! Now my pictures are better. Thank you Bipin!!!

Kathy said...

Your boys looks like so much fun!

Did u not get my email with regards to bootcamp? It was all Pams idea anyway, and I am glad she would help. I will resend the email just incase.

I could see not being able to be at home a whole day might not work the way I did it...what did Pam suggest?

Keep us posted

Bipin Sen said...

heyyyy.. sooo much better! it's nice to see the pics!

soooo... what was the final solution?

the bill's in the mail. ;-)