Wednesday, October 11, 2006

An awesome dad, a clean house, and LET IT SNOW!!

I am going to take this opportunity to proclaim publicly how awesome my parents are! Every once in a while, my dad comes over and cleans my house. I am not talking about just a little picking up, I am talking about serious cleaning!! Yesterday my dad arrived at 7:30am to begin cleaning. He cleaned the kitchen first. After cleaning the floor once, he moved the fridge and cleaned behind it, removing all of the junk that had fallen behind it and vacuuming the coils. This amazed me, as I have never done that!! He then proceeded to clean the floor again, cleaned my stove, did all of my dishes ( I have no dishwasher, which should be illegal in a house with 7 people!!), cleaned my counters. He then moved into the front room, where he vacuumed my carpet, scrubbed my hard wood floors. He even cleaned up the foyer, which is generally littered with shoes and coats! He vacuumed the downstairs family room, switched out a light switch that wasn't working, and vacuumed the stairs. He didn't leave until 4:00pm. He returned today to clean my kids bedrooms. My house looks amazing!!! During all of this cleaning yesterday, my amazing mom, took my Samuel shopping with her. He tends to follow right behind you when you clean and make a new mess. I am so blessed to have my parents!! Here are some pictures of my clean house:
The man of the year!!!
Notice no shoes or coats!
My how that floor shines when you can see it!!

On another note, IT MIGHT SNOW TONIGHT!!!! I love snow! Many of you may not like to see fall go so quickly, but never fear it will return. This early threat of flurries is God's gift to those of us who love it!! So I will spend the day tomorrow in my clean house playing Christmas music and baking pumpkin pie. I will also go to the store today to pick up egg nog to go with my fresh hot pumpkin pie!!! I will wear slippers all day and burn lots of candles. That's my plan and I'm sticking to it!!!!


Aimee said...

Oh how I wish I could have a dad like you. That is so awesome that he does this for you. You are truly blessed.

About the snow thing ~ I wish I could stay in my "clean" house all day, and wear slippers and burn candles. You're sooooo lucky! I'm jealous.

I better go clean my house.

Bipin Sen said...

wow! tish will be soooo jealous.. as i'm sure will every other person who has to deal with house cleaning kinda stuff.

i don't think i wanna hang around your dad. i fear he might rub off on me... ;-)

Anonymous said...

NICE!!! Your dad ROCKS! You must feel so great! There's nothing like a clean house! (And you had one less kid, and that's a big deal too!) Enjoy it...while it lasts! It's messy already, right?!?!?!! :)

Julie B said...

Your dad reminds me of my dad. He is actually coming out here from North Carolina just to help Ernest build a playset for TJ. Which was totally his idea! We are truly blessed!
OH, and you pick the day for us to come over. Anytime from the 22nd of October to the 5th of November.

Mr. or Mrs. Smith said...

WOW! That's so nice. I am happy for you and I think you deserved it.

Kathy said...

WOW...that is so cool! Your house looks wonderful!

I can not wait for the all-day-christmas music, I am going to be driving my fam nuts with it... he he!!!

Kristin said...

I actually heard the song "It's beginning to look alot like Christmas" on WLIT this morning when it was flurring out! That should get you in the spirit!!
Nice House by the way-does your Dad rent himself out?

sam said...

candi i'm so excited about the snow too! at least someone shares my joy!