Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The long awaited pictures of Camden

Finally, after nearly 3 months, I have pictures of Camden I can post. I must begin with a HUGE thank you to Michelle for taking these awesome pictures and uploading them for me! She does such a great job!! Capturing a 2.5 month old on film is no easy task. His smiles are still so hard to get, his head is still so wobbly, and he gets tired and fussy after a little bit.

Here is our little pumpkin!
Isn't he sweet!!!

He has a very happy looking smile, tongue always up!

This is a picture of what we will be doing Sunday, in the second half, when the Packers are beating the Bears so bad, we might as well take a nap!

I think this is my favorite!! Kind of far away, but so precious!


Kathy said...

I LOVE the pictures, especially the black n white one and the last one on the chair. He looks so sweet. Does he look like Sam? He really looks like a darling.

Bipin Sen said...

Those are cute pictures! Great job again, Michelle. But really. I think your pictures turn out great because your subjects are always so photogenic! ;-)

Still having hard drive issues, Candi?

Kristin said...

So you did have a baby!!! :) He is so precious,Candi!! The pics are great!!

Tim and Clair said...

I love the pumpkin pics, I can't wait to do that with our little one next year! I'm ready for Tim to take some Anne Geddes style shots