Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I hate potty training!!!

I began potty training my first child in 2001. I was eager to prove that a child could be potty trained at the age of 2 if mom was good at her job. Well, if I could have had a glimpse into the next 7 years (and checked my pride) I would have waited a little longer. At that time, Jacob was 2 and Tyler was 6 months. After a year of attempts, Jacob was finally trained. Enter Tyler....I again started at 2 and at 3.7 years old Tyler was finally trained. Enter Sam....I AGAIN began at 2(you'd think I would have learned). Sam is now 4.4 years old and WILL NOT use the toilet. I have been potty training almost non stop for near 7 years and I still have one more to go. At this rate Camden may be using the toilet before his big brother. I have always said to other potty training moms to relax, eventually they get it, don't worry they won't go to kindergarten in diapers. This may not be the case for my precious little one. I am having trouble finding a kindergarten that accepts a child in pull-ups!
As I look back on the last 7 years, I feel like I am in the movie Groundhog Day. Only my day that keeps repeating is full of fluids and smells that would have drove Bill Murray to tears!! I can admit it I AM TERRIBLE AT POTTY TRAINING!!! There is no pride left here. We have every potty chart, chair, and treat ever created and yet they all fail me. I have learned over the potty years that I don't like that which I can't control. I can't make them use the toilet. We have even spent an ENTIRE day in the bathroom. Playing, reading, cleaning. With the big porcelain bowl right there, and still untouched.
So I digress. I have taken advice from every book, friend, doctor, and "potty training expert" out there, but if you have some nugget of help I am all ears. Otherwise PRAY FOR ME!! I am drowning in a literal sea of CRAP!!!!!

In other news, gotta give credit to my friend Mel for my new page. I LOVE IT!!! She is so creative, something else I am not. Although I do have many talents, potty training and creativity are not among them. Thanks Mel for making my blog pretty!!


Jen said...

I think any advice now would be annoying and condescending so I'll skip it! :-) I also have not potty trained a boy yet and I hear they are harder than girls. Sam has proven over and over that he is going to do things his way so just let him be. Kindergarten is 11 months away! :-)

Kathy said...

It does look good, I like the pic.

Sorry to hear about potty training...! I like what Jen said tho, Sam is Sam and he will start when he wants..!! I wish tho that we had on and off switches for the kids hey! Sorry my friend! (Another story for your book!!)

Bill & Melissa said...

Alright, I try not to give advice, because I don't want to sound like a know-it-all or offend anyone but you are asking so I will try to help. The method Bill and I used with Alexander really helped us and maybe you can give it a whirl.

Before I start my explanation I have a question:Is Sam potty trained at all or is he still doing all of his "business" in a pull up?

I started training Alexander at 18 months. He's now almost 2 1/2 and is like 98% potty trained. I read a book called "Diaper-Free before 3" (and before I read it I thought it was ridiculous and just plain crazy) and it did make some sense. It gave this huge theory on why it's okay to start potty training early and how Westerners are silly to let the child decide when they are ready. And how this method can be applied to older children. There was more to it then that and the woman who wrote it explained it WAY better then I just did. Anyway, I decided to give it a go.

Basically what it said to do was to get rid of all diapers and pull ups and put your kid straight into regular underwear. You're then supposed to make trips to the potty just part of your daily routine. You're supposed to tell your child when it's time to go, NOT ask them because giving when them the choice to do something new that they are unsure of will always be met with resistance,and take them as often as possible (I would take Alexander about every half an hour or so). This is supposed to get them used to going potty or something (I don't remember the why of it).

This method is working for us. But I will say that there were A LOT of accidents in the beginning but after a few weeks there was a huge improvement. Xander hasn't had a pee-pee accident in several months. Of course he peed on my kitchen floor last night but that definately didn't seem like an accident to me by the way he acted afterward! He still has the occasionally pooping accident (hence the 98%) too but I figure that he's not even 2 1/2 yet so we're doing pretty good!

Hopefully if you decide to try this Sam will HATE the feel of wet gross clothing (like Xander did) when he has accidents and start cooperating.

Lastly, don't give up!! You are not terrible with potty training, it's just that different kids have different needs! Try to stay positive even if he only makes it half way. Oh, and try to get your Hubby and the grandparents involved too. When we trained Hannah and she made it to the potty even a little we would clap and dance around the house and let her call everyone to let them know that she made it and they would celebrate and encourage her right along with us. We made a lot of phone calls at that time!!

Okay, I think that I am all tapped out of ideas. Stay strong and good luck!


Michelle said...

the page is awesome! Everyone's getting upgrades, I feel kind of left out. :)

Bill & Melissa said...

Two words:
Rabid wolverines...


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Kim said...

Ugh...I am so feeling your pain right now...my daughter is three and this is such a struggle...I hate this....I would rather her be in diapers...I know it has to be done and it is better for her to more independent; but this constant chasing her around to sit on the potty is making me miserable!!!!

Anonymous said...

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