Friday, September 14, 2007

Full contact sports

In first grade at my children's school, they use a system of colors for behavior. Green is good, blue not so good, yellow even worse, red is very bad. Only once have we had a red. Last year Jacob found a pin on the floor and proceeded to poke his neighbor because "she looked squishy." Drew blood, apparently violating some school policy about weapons. If you know Jacob, you are laughing now. This incident marked the only dropped color for Jacob his whole year of first grade. Enter Tyler....(for those of you with only one or even one and a baby let me just tell you , your second and subsequent children will surprise you often!!). Tyler has been in exactly 3 weeks of first grade and we have had 2 dropped colors already. First one he was trying to "help" someone blink and "accidentally" hit him in the face. When he came home, we discussed why he didn't need to "help" anyone blink and I informed him that God already took care of that by giving us very little control over blinking. This week we had another blue. Sometimes getting a story out of Tyler can be tricky so I dove into this carefully. Here is how the conversation went:

Mom: I see you are on blue today, buddy. What happened?
Tyler: I hit Mallory.
Mom: Oh Tyler you know you aren't supposed to hit, and above all a girl.
Tyler: But mom, we were playing a game.
Mom (thinking it must be tag or something at recess, you know accidents happen and girls are a bit more sensitive): What game were you playing?
Tyler: Tic tac toe
Mom: WHAT???? How on earth would hitting be part of a game of tic tac toe?
Tyler: Well she lost.
Mom: so you hit her??
Tyler: yeah
Mom: Well that is just not acceptable. It is hard enough to lose sometimes and then you go and hit her. Blah, blah, blah..... What got you so upset to hit her if you won?
Tyler: I wasn't mad, when you win you take the other persons arm and say"I win, you lose, now you've got a big bruise."
And that folks, is how tic tac toe became a full contact sport.


Jen said...

Boy, I've got a lot to learn! Pun intended.

Lisa said...

i was laughing so hard I almost pee'd. Not that's funny stuff! I am SURE to have similiar stories about Julia and her future siblings.

tim said...

Jen I think that your dad teaches games like that to the girls.

Mommy Brain said...

What an awesome story!!! Just too good! I would like to hear the teacher's side of it...hopefully she has a sense of humor too. = ) Great story!!!

Tim and Clair said...

Candi, please keep putting up stories like this, they brighten my day! And some pics of Camden wouldn't go amiss either!

Bipin Sen said...

That's right! Where are the pictures! Gosh.. the kid's going to be a few months old soon, and I haven't even seen what he looked like when he was born! Ok Candi. Some of us don't come to church with you every Sunday. So get with it! ;-)

Anonymous said...

That's our Tyler. He is definitely not a mean kid - actually more of a little lover. Takes all games very serious.


Kathy said...

See u got to right a book!

Jen said...

OOOO! Pretty!!!!