Thursday, October 02, 2008

Welcome to my circus!

Did you ever have one of those days where you think only of your bed all day? Where all you want to do is climb back in, pull up the covers, and SLEEP? This was my day yesterday. It wasn't a bad day, but with a terrible sinus infection and a never-ending list of things to do, all I wanted to do was go to bed. When that moment finally arrived, I was thrilled! With all of the kids sound asleep, I was one happy camper! After watching the weather, I turned off the tv, curled up in a ball, freezing my butt off, and went to my happy place. Fast forward 20 minutes.....I hear crying. It is Sam. He often has night terrors so I wasn't too surprised to hear him. I perfected the art of "pretending not to hear" and so Jay got up and handled it. Happy and peaceful once again. I relaxed and got cozy again. Aah happy place. Fast forward 5 minutes.... I hear crying. This time it is Camden. After a quite a few minutes of crying, I realized that now Jay has perfected the art of "pretending not to hear" and in the spirit of fairness, I got up. Searched all over the house for a binky, figuring that was the problem. Finally after moving couches, I found one. Stealth like, I move in the baby's room, hoping he will believe a binky just appeared in his mouth. I do not want to be seen. I am crawling on the floor, reaching through the bars of the crib, frantically feeling around for his mouth to put in the binky. I am using a bit of childlike mentality here, assuming if I can't see him, he can't see me. This is not a true statement. I am big, crib is small, and baby is smarter than my tired brain was giving him credit for. As I reach through to find his mouth, he reaches through and finds my hair. Ugh, plan foiled! I now look up to find him standing over my head with a binky already in his mouth and realize I am trying with all my might to shove the binky in between his toes. Our eyes meet. I stand up and lay him back down, position his blanky and cover him. In my mind all I can see is my bed. I head back out of the room, this time on my feet since Jacob's legos on the floor drew blood from my knees on the way in. I close the door and the screaming returns. Now we are at almost 15 months here and Camden has NEVER woke up like this before. I decide to leave him for a bit and see if he will put himself back to sleep. After 10 minutes of crying and a bit of fear that Jacob sleeping next to him might be next to wake up, I head back in. This time I picked him up. He quieted immediately and I held him next to his bed for a few minutes. When I felt that his breathing had slowed to a sleeping rhythm, I laid him back down. Screaming again. Again I leave the room and hope that he will give it up. I got back in bed because I was freezing and vowed to out last him. After about 10 more minutes, I realize that due to sinus infection, I have no sense of smell. What if he has a dirty pants? I would feel terrible if I didn't check so back in I go. I take him down to the couch to change him and nothing! Hardly even wet. Back to bed he goes. Screaming again. I wait yet another 10 minutes before going back in and this time I broke our cardinal rule number 1 for sleep success. I brought him in our bed. I know bad move! I was so cold. Please understand it was like 40 degrees last night and someone refused to turn on the heat. My head was pounding and I needed sleep so bad. It is now after midnight and I have gotten a grand total of 20 minutes sleep so far. I turn into a pumpkin around 9! Back to baby. He was happy and comfy in our bed and he went to sleep. Around 2:30 I woke back up to use the bathroom and decide it is safe to move him back to his bed. Not true. As soon as I laid him down, screaming again. Frustrated beyond belief, I moved him back into our bed. I struggle to get comfortable with anyone in our bed, but at least I can be under the covers. We have a GIANT king size bed that sits very high off the ground. At 4:30 I hear crying again. I can't remember at this point if Cam is in my room or his so I sit up and try to get orientated. I realize that the crying is coming for my left. My eyes won't open. Due to said sinus infection, they are stuck shut. Nice, huh? Jay sits up and looks and my baby is on the floor next to my bed. Yeah you read that right. He fell off. Don't know how that happened. He fell a good 2.5-3 feet off my bed onto our hard wood floors. I panicked! Now imagine the sight. Jay is holding my hysterical baby and I still can't open my eye. I had gotten one open but the other will definitely take a warm rag or something to get it open. So I pull out my best pirate and try to handle the situation with only one eye. Quite funny in hindsight! I am pretty sure that Camden is OK. Jay calmed him down and guess what, he moved him into his bed and he went right to sleep. I suppose our bed doesn't look so good after it dumped him out! By the time we finished all of this, Jay climbed back into bed only to have his alarm go off 3 minutes later! I got up and cleaned up my eyes and went back in to check on Cams. Soundly sleeping he is! I fell back asleep for probably about a half an hour when Jacob woke up ( he is quite an early bird). I give up. Sleep will not be mine tonight! Oh well, sleep is for sissy's!


momanna98 said...

Haha. Sorry I'm laughing. :-)
We swore we would never let children in our bed. But Princess C ended up sleeping with us for a few months. And we only had a queen sized bed. I almost moved her bed into our room!

Clair said...

hilarious! so are you gonna refer kate et al to my site? you know you could get more chances to win all my contests and I know you want freebies! hahaha!

Lisa said...

LOL. Substitute in Julia and Jack's name and viola! our world! Poor Candy!

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

ugh! I can so relate! hope you've caught up on sleep since then!!

sam said...

that is absolutely hysterical. there's no other way to put it. the gooey eye just makes it!

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