Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I've been Tagged!!

Alright I got tagged so I am indulging Jen. Here goes....

A- Available or married? Married 7.5 years

B- Best Friend? My husband!!!

C- Cake or Pie? pie, banana cream!!

D- Drink of Choice? Dr. Pepper

E- Essential Item? Cell phone

F- Favorite Color? Orange

G- Gummi Bears or Worms? bears

H- Hometown? MattEson Il

I- Indulgence? Egg McMuffins(2 at a time) with 3 hash browns!! I know, I'm pregnant!!

J- January or February? February, cuz it is closer to spring

K- Kids & names? Tressa-8, Jacob-7, Tyler-6, Marcus-5, Samuel-3, Brandon-almost 2, we are taking ideas for the newest

L- Life is incomplete without? Jesus

M- Marriage Date? May 2, 1999

N- Number of Siblings? Brad, Gordon, and Joanie + spouses

O- Oranges or apples? Neither, not much of a fruit girl

P- Phobias/Fears? falling out of a moving car

Q-Favorite Quote? I'm, sure it is from an 80's movie, but I can think of none right now.

R- Reason to Smile? Egg McMuffin's are currently 2 for 3.00!!!

S- Season? Fall

T- Tag three people! Melanie, Michelle T., Clair( I would create links, but I have no idea how)

U- Unknown fact about me: I'm an open book

W- Worst habit? Biting my nails

Y- Your favorite food? I'm going to have to go with Egg McMuffins (after all of this egg McMuffin talk, I am on my way to get a couple)

Z- Zodiac? Is stupid!!!


Carol said...

Good job, Candi! Hope the copy and paste thing worked okay! The name thing... I like Jen's idea: Muhsin is always a good Dutch name! Mmmmmm... an Egg Mc Muffin sounds really good right about now!

Tim and Clair said...

I did it! See the blog! You should actually try and do it for me first, see how much you know and then look!

Bipin Sen said...

now i know candi.. for just about every question, the answer "egg mcmuffin" wouldn't be too far from being the correct one! :-)

Mrs. Smith said...

How is your pregnancy going so far?

Jen said...