Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Downtown adventures

On Saturday we went downtown to see the lights. After a very exciting train ride ( what isn't exciting with 5 boys), we arrived in the city to some beautiful weather. Although it didn't seem very christmasy, it was much more pleasant than 20 degrees and windy!! My parents came with us and we met my cousin Lori and her husband Rich and 2 of their kids down there.

Here is Tyler and Rich and Lori's daughter Kayla. Being the only girl on this excursion, she was much loved!!
The boys and Kayla

All 7 children waiting to eat some delicious pizza at Giordano's

We had such a blast and definately plan to make this a yearly event!!


Aimee said...

Looks like you guys had alot of fun. Was it super busy, because the weather was so nice. We thought about going on Sunday, but then decided against it. I do want to do that this season though.

Bill said...

Looks and sounds like fun!

Here is one for you. The last time I remember being downtown for Christmas, I was with a group of people and we went skating and an honor was bestowed upon me of which I will never forget.

A certain couple told me that they were expecting a child and I was one of the first to know! No no, it wasn't at a Mary and Joseph nativity scene. Mary and Joseph stopped at one boy. One boy wasn't enough for this couple!

One guess on who it was!

Kathy said...

How fun, I love the city lights. You are defintly a supermom!